About the Committee  

The Water For People Committee shall be composed of at least three members who have an interest in helping people help themselves provide clean potable water. Water For People sends volunteers to, and supports efforts in, developing countries which result in sustainable drinking water and sanitation projects.

Duties of the Committee include:

  • Serve as the communication link between the Iowa Section and the National Water For People organization in Denver
  • Through news items and reports, build and maintain awareness of Water For People goals and activities and of ways in which we, as water professionals, can provide aid to developing areas.
  • Oversees the Water For People exhibit booth and auction at the Iowa Section Annual Conferences.
  • Encourages contributions to Water For People from Iowa, including an annual sponsor contribution from the Iowa Section

Committee News and Events

February 25, 2021

Fundraising Milestone
The Iowa Water For People Committee is thrilled to announce that the committee’s fundraising has now surpassed $200,000 since 1997. Through strategic partners and health and economic benefits, the total impact of these contributions is more than $2 million. See the graphic below and visit https://www.waterforpeople.org/financials/ to learn more or to calculate the impact of your giving.

This wonderful milestone would not have been even remotely possible without the unwavering support of the dedicated members of the Iowa Section AWWA and the Iowa Water Environment Association (IAWEA). A special thank you is deserved for Kyle Danley and Ted Corrigan, current and past Iowa Section AWWA treasurers. Without their support, and the support of the Iowa Section AWWA board, these results could not have been achieved.

Final 2020 Fundraising Results
Iowa Section AWWA and IAWEA members did not let a dumpster fire of a year derail fundraising efforts. Back in May and June, a total of $3,430 was raised through the Global Mosaic Challenge by the Iowa Committee and its supporters. In lieu of the typical two silent auctions (one at each annual conference, Iowa Section AWWA and IAWEA), a virtual silent auction was held in October. After processing and shipping fees, proceeds of $3,033.93 were sent to Water For People. The virtual cup collection (including a generous 1:1 matching contribution) raised $2,250.07, bringing the fall 2020 Water For People Fundraising total to $5284. An additional $177.50 was raised through the World Water Classic and online donations directly to Water For People, bringing total fundraising for 2020 to $8,891.50.

The committee would like to express sincere gratitude to the Iowa Section AWWA and its members for rising to the challenge and supporting this wonderful organization in these uncertain times. By supporting Water For People during the COVID-19 pandemic, you helped to fund their work with national health departments and public institutions to combat the spread of the virus. Examples of this in practice include installing handwashing stations in public areas in Uganda and Rwanda, using virtual and cell phone-based technologies to share hygiene best practices in rural parts of India, and partnering with schools for an educational campaign on handwashing in Guatemala. Watch a special thank you video from Water For People at this link: https://youtu.be/hNPE08sBEvU

30th Anniversary Celebration
A virtual celebration is being held at noon on Friday, February 26 to mark the 30th anniversary of AWWA's founding of Water For People. The Waterside Chat will feature Water For People CEO Eleanor Allen and AWWA CEO David LaFrance, alongside longtime AWWA members and Water For People champions Elisa Speranza and Jim Williams. The hour-long celebration on Zoom will include history of the founding, stories, lessons learned, and plans for the future of both organizations. Please RSVP at this link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_QK48xFgyS6-2J9AARFIPVQ

Odds and Ends
World Water Day is coming up on March 22. Check out the UN-Water initiative at https://www.unwater.org/ for ways to join the conversation.

On March 25, Water For People will host a virtual screening of a documentary on Rulindo, Rwanda, where Everyone Forever was born. Everyone Forever is the model Water For People has adopted to bring water and sanitation that lasts – for every family, clinic, and school. Check out https://www.waterforpeople.org/everyone-forever/ for more information on this model for developing sustainable access to water.

Please direct any questions or comments to Taylor Hopper, Water For People Committee Chair, at 515.233.0000 (office), 515.520.9702 (mobile), or [email protected]. Thank you again for your continued support of this important cause!


Committee Objectives

Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities are an essential part of our lives. However, thousands of people die everyday from water related diseases and illnesses. Water For People is an organization dedicated to providing resources and support efforts to bring safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to developing countries. Iowa Water For People works within Iowa to promote and support he goals and objectives of Water For People.

To find out more about how you can help Water For People, contact the Iowa Water For People committee or visit www.waterforpeople.org.

Contact Us

Taylor Hopper, P.E.
Water For People Committee Chair
FOX Engineering Associates, Inc.
414 S. 17th Street, Suite 107
Ames, IA 50010
P: 515.233.0000
E: [email protected]