• Avoiding Rate Shock: Making the Case for Water Rates
  • Ammonia from Chloramine Decay Effects on Distribution System Nitrification - AWWARF
  • Basic Chemistry for Water and Wastewater Operators
  • Communicating the Value of Water: An Introductory Guide for Water Utilities
  • Demonstrating Benefits of Well Head Protection Programs - AWWARF
  • Diagnosing Taste and Odor Problems Field Guide - NEW
  • Disinfection of Pipelines and Storage Facilities Field Guide
  • Drought Management Handbook
  • G300 Standard and Operation Guide Set
  • Good Practices for Preventing Microbial Contamination of Water Mains Field Guide
  • M4 Water Fluoridation Principles and Practices
  • M6 Water Meters - Selection, Installation, Testing and Maintenance
  • M17 Installation, Field Testing and Maintenance of Fire Hydrants
  • M20 Water Chlorination and Chloramination Practices and Principles, 2nd Edition
  • M21 Groundwater
  • M22 Sizing Water Service Lines and Meters
  • M28 Rehabilitation of Water Mains, 2nd Edition
  • M31 Distribution System Requirements for Fire Protection
  • M36 Water Audits and Loss Control Programs, 3rd Edition
  • M42 Steel Water-Storage Tanks
  • M44 Distribution Valves: Selection, Installation, Field Testing and Maintenance
  • M48 Waterborne Pathogens
  • M52 Water Conservation Programs - A Planning Manual
  • M54 Developing Rate for Small Systems
  • Main Break Prediction, Prevention and Control
  • Managing Water Main Breaks Field Guide - NEW
  • Math for Distribution Systems Operators
  • Math for Treatment Operators: Practice Problems to Prepare for Water Treatment
  • Modeling Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
  • Online Monitoring for Drinking Water Utilities - AWWARF
  • Operator Certification Exams
  • Operator Certification Study Guide, 5th Edition
  • Peabody's Control of Pipeline Corrosion, 2nd Edition
  • Plain Talk About Drinking Water, 5th Edition
  • Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control
  • Water Distribution Operator Training Handbook, 3rd Edition
  • Water Distribution System Assessment Workbook
  • Water Operator Certification Study Guide, 6th Edition
  • Water Operator Field Guide (AWWA), 2nd Edition  - NEW
  • Water Treatment Operator Handbook
  • Water Treatment Made Simple for Operators



  • AWWA Annual Conference Opening Session 2005
  • AWWA Annual Conference Opening Session 2006
  • AWWA Annual Conference Opening Session 2007
  • AWWA Facts and Filters
  • Consumer's Guide to Water Conservation - NEW
  • Crisis, Conflict and Communication: Working With the Media - NEW
  • Customer Service For Water Utilities - NEW
  • Let's Talk Safety 2012 (CD-ROM and DVD) - NEW
  • Maintaining Water Quality in the Distribution System - NEW
  • On the Job: Leak Detection
  • On the Job: Trenching and Excavation
  • Optimizing Filtration Operations
  • Reliable Coliform Sampling for Water Utilities
  • Water Distribution Operator Training: Services and Meters
  • Water Distribution Operator Training:  Hydrants
  • Water Distribution Operator Training: Pumps and Motors
  • Water Distribution Operator Training: Water Mains
  • Water Distribution Operator Training: Valves


  • AWWA Customer Service for Water Utilities
  • AWWA A Century of Safe Drinking Water
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: The Basics of Waterborne Pathogens
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Water Storage
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Alternative Disinfectants, Choices for the Future
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Utility Case Studies
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Water Resource Alternatives
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Taste and Odor in Drinking Water
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: The Educated Consumer; Communicating with and Involving the Public in Drinking Water Issues
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Distribution System Repair, Rehabilitation and Replacement: What Every Operator Should Know
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Emerging Treatment Technologies
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Maintaining Water Quality in the Distribution System
  • AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Privatization
  • Highway Work Zone Safety
  • Powerful Presentation Skills for Water Professionals
  • Wellhead Protection: A Model Plan for Iowa Water Suppliers

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