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  - Water For People Committee Update: Fundraising Milestone, Final 2020 Fundraising Results, 30th Anniversary Celebration and Odds and Ends, by Taylor Hopper, FOX Engineering

  - Feature Article: Ames Water Treatment Plant Split Treatment Study, by Neil Weiss, City of Ames Water and Pollution Control Department

  - AWWA-IA Board Update: Spring Short Course and Annual Conference Update

  - Fluoridation Series: Article 1 of 4

Posted: 2/26/2021

FEMA Infrared Thermometers Available to Critical Infrastructure Workers through IOWARN Network

A limited supply of infrared thermometers have been made available through IOWARN for utilities that are implementing procedures requiring employees to undergo temperature scans when arriving at work or begin to feel ill. Thermometers are available for pickup at specific water/wastewater utilities in each of the six IDNR Regions. Download the IOWARN notice for additional information on how to obtain a thermometer in your area.  

Posted: 6/23/2020 

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