Best Tasting Water in Iowa Award

The Best Tasting Water in Iowa Award is awarded annually to recognize the public water supply with the best tasting water in the state. Judges at the annual Iowa Section AWWA conference evaluate entries based on their water's appearance, odor, after taste, and feel in the mouth to determine who's is the Best Tasting Water in Iowa.

Gimmicks and Gadgets Awards

The Gimmicks and Gadgets Award recognizes individuals for their inventive creativity. An entry should be a novel and relatively simple mechanical device or procedure designed to provide a more efficient, safer, and/or simplified way to perform routine tasks or functions in the maintenance, operation, or construction of a water utility system. Commercially available products are not eligible.

George Warren Fuller Award

The George Warren Fuller Award is presented annually by the American Water Works Association to the Sections' respective selected member for their distinguished service to the water supply field in commemoration of the sound engineering skill...the brilliant diplomatic talent...and the constructive leadership which characterized the life of George Warren Fuller.

Harris Seidel Meritorious Operators Awards

The Harris Seidel Meritorious Operators Award is awarded to recognize special performance in one or more of the following: Continuous compliance with public health standards in finished water, Continuous and outstanding contribution to plant maintenance, thereby prolonging the useful life of equipment, Special efforts in the training of treatment plant operators, Special acts related to water treatment beyond the normal operating responsibilities, Consistent and outstanding contribution to operation and/or maintenance of distribution lines, pump stations and reservoirs.

Outstanding Service to IA-AWWA Award

The Outstanding Service to IA-AWWA Award recognizes and honors members of IA-AWWA who have demonstrated outstanding service to the Association through leadership and active participation in IA-AWWA programs.

Service to the Water Profession Award

The Service to the Water Profession Award recognized individuals, groups, or organizations who may be members or nonmembers of AWWA and have made significant contributions to the water supply profession. 

Student of the Year Award

The Student of the Year Award is awarded to encourage academic excellence and to give recognition to those students who have made outstanding contributions to the field of public water supply through their work at a university.

Life Members of AWWA Award

The Life Members of AWWA Award recognizes those individuals who have been members of AWWA for 30 years. 

Quarter Century of Service Award

The Quarter Century of Service Award recognized any AWWA members who has completed 25 years of service to the water industry. 

Golden Drop Award

The Golden Drop Award recognizes any AWWA member who has completed 50 years of service to the water industry. 

100 Year Club Award

The 100 Year Club Award recognizes water utilities that are AWWA members and have been serving the public for 100 years.

New Employees, Promotions and Retirements

Iowa's water industry is experiencing a number of personnel retiring, being promoted or are new to the industry who are members of the Iowa Section AWWA. If you would like to recognize these individuals, contact your region chair with their name and accomplishment and have them included in the next newsletter and on the Section website.