Who we are

Our Mission

The Iowa Section of the American Water Works Association is comprised of drinking water professionals and water quality advocates dedicated to the promotion of quality drinking water for the citizen's of Iowa. Its purpose is to support its members and young professionals, to influence other stakeholders through accurate and balanced educational forums, communication and support of technical, legislative and regulatory activities.

Our Vision

The Iowa Section of the American Water Works Association is the Leading Force in Iowa Dedicated to Safe Drinking Water.

Our Values

Quality Drinking Water for Iowa We are committed to safeguarding public health by promoting the provision of a sufficient quantity of quality drinking water in a fiscally responsible manner.

Informed Decision Making We are committed to serving as a water industry resource in the areas of planning, policy development, regulatory quantity and quality issues regarding drinking water.

Source to Tap StewardshipRecognizing that water is the basic element of life, we are dedicated to working with all stakeholders to ensure that this vital resource is managed for the greatest good of people and the environment.

Honesty and IntegrityWe promote honesty, integrity and professionalism throughout the drinking water industry.

Continuous ImprovementWe are dedicated to researching and presenting new technologies, encouraging the drinking water industry to be proactive in evaluating and improving services and products.

Diversity Recognizing the value of varied backgrounds, knowledge and experiences, we are committed to developing a diverse membership and leadership.

Trust and TeamworkWe are committed to providing opportunities for drinking water professionals to help each other, openly share information and solve problems in a spirit of cooperation and fellowship.