The Iowa Section AWWA provides space on this website for posting job vacancies at no cost to employers! Job vacancies are accepted from both public and private organizations. However, only job vacancies directly related to the Iowa water industry will be allowed. You may request that your job vacancy be posted on this website using one of the following methods:
  1. Submit the posting online using our Online Job Posting Request Form.

  2. Download and complete the Job Posting Request Form and send it with a pdf of your companies job posting to the AWWA-Iowa Section office at [email protected].

Terms and Conditions for Posting Job Vacancies 

Only jobs directly related to the Iowa water industry will be allowed. Job vacancies not meeting this criteria will not be posted.
To ensure only relevant and current information is maintained on the website, job postings with "Open until filled" application deadlines will automatically be removed from the site one year from the original posting date if no notice has been provided by an employer that the position has been filled or a request has been made to extend the job posting beyond one year. If an employer's recruitment period will extend beyond one year from the original posting date, the employer must make a request to extend the posting period. Job postings with specified application deadlines will be removed shortly after the specified closing date.
The Iowa Section AWWA reserves the right to limit, deny, or remove any job posting as it deems necessary and makes no guarantees that job postings submitted for inclusion on this website will be accepted for posting on this website. The Section shall not be held liable for any errors or inaccuracies in job postings.