About the Committee

The Manufacturer's Committee may be compose of members chosen as follows:

  • The Manufacturer Coordinator who shall be appointed by the Section Chair, who shall be the Committee Chairperson.
  • The remaining committee members shall be selected by the Coordinator and approved by the Chair, from member equipment manufacturers, consulting engineers, equipment representatives and suppliers

Duties of the Manufacturers Committee include:

  • One member of this committee shall serve on the Technical Program Committee
  • Review Exhibitor Evaluation Form
  • Assist in determining the "best booth" at the Section's annual conference
  • Shall make recommendations to the Board for ways to improve participation at the annual section trade show.

The Board of Trustees liaison for the committee shall be the International Director.


Committee News and Events

~~ No Committee News ~~


Contact Us

Tony Bilek
Committee Chair
Mc2, Inc.
2320 S. 156th Circle
Omaha, NE 68130
P: 402-333-9660
F: 402-333-9663
E: [email protected]